Oral Health Is Wealth

In our daily lives, we may be unaware but oral health is very much a part of it. Oral health touches aspects of our lives but oftentimes we take them for granted. The mouth is said to be the main access into our body and the main checking_tooth_with_mirror_400_clrentryway of things contributing to overall health. Signs of nutritional deficiencies and infections may start from the mouth. Those which affect the body may become apparent as mouth lesions first and other indicators via oral hygiene symptoms like mouth ulcers or bad breath.


Oral health is important whether we are 5 or 95, at any given age we are affected by things which enter into our body be it food, nourishment, vitamins or medicines.


Close to a 100 million of the population though fail to seek a dentist every year. Many people are aware that regular good oral hygiene and dental examinations prevent most oral diseases however, they think that the only time they need dental help is when they are in pain already. Keep in mind that regular visits to the dentist can contribute to early detection and prevention. This will make you enjoy a lifetime of good overall health through properly maintained good oral health also. Dental advances now makes it easier, comfortable and sophisticated to sit down in the dentist’s chair and be given treatments.


First Line Of Defense

General dentistry is the first line of defense in all oral health issues. General dentists are concerned with primary preventive care and minor restorative therapy. Once they gain more experience and education, they are considered informed enough to perform a wide range of dental procedures. They can even perform cosmetic ones to enhance your facial features through proper dental management, be it restoration or adjustments.


As the primary dental care provider they manage the dental health, overview and interventions for patients of all summitLogoages. The general dentist is responsible for coordinating many services to meet this demand. As we have varied oral health needs which may become critical to our overall health and well being the general dentist can propose a treatment plan or maintenance to keep us smiling as long as possible. They can work on these needs alone or may reach out to other specialists as needed. This is to ensure that you get the necessary care you need.


General dentists who decide not to perform certain treatments will refer you to a specialist instead. It is best to know what needs to be done by the specialist to know the cost as well.

Available Treatments

Treatments available are fillings for the teeth with the use of a variety or composite of materials like gold, amalgam, resin and even porcelain. Crowns are artificial teeth or caps that are placed over damaged or broken teeth. This is done to stabilize its structure and additional protection. A bridge is a structure that anchors a couple of crowns. Apart from cosmetic purposes of ensuring a natural looking smile, the bridge acts as a security structure to put the teeth in place and make them stationary.

When the damage has reached the tissue of the teeth, then a root canal treatment may be required to address the infection and prevent the disease from getting worse.

tooth-doctorContinuing Education

Continuing education is necessary for most general dental practitioners by attending lectures and workshops. These additional training enable them to be updated with the latest in dental practices, advancements, techniques and technology.

Never put off seeing a dentist  regularly. With diagnosis and proper treatment there is no reason for anyone to suffer from dental issues and poor oral health. Trust them with your oral health needs and demands.